Installing zwave-js on home assistant core

Multiple possibilities exist, we will install the barebones zwave-js server project ( zwave-js server is a node project implementing the zwavejs library and which is ready to use. it requires a certain version of the library to function, so always install the package and it will install the correct dependencies.

There is no need to use the cli commands after installation, just provide a config file and start up the server. Then, you can use the migration wizard in HA to move the legacy zwave to the new zwave-js version OR of course set up a new installation.

For the installation we will use a version of node and npm installed as the homeassistant user through NVM (so not from packages). the installation was tested on a raspberry pi 3 which was migrated from legacy zwave to zwave-js.

below is meant for home assistant core (the ‘advanced use case’ describe on the zwave-js documentation at the home assistant site).

In short, it means:

  • install the zwave-js server and start the daemon
  • enable the zwave-js home assistant integration
  • migrate your zwave devices to zwave-js
  • correct any missing devices.



make sure you have these installed: git-cli, curl.

Of course, make a backup of the database and config folder.

then, as user homeassistant, do:

  • install nvm (node version manager)
curl -O
  • restart your shell to have the nvm environment variables added to your path.
  • install node.js and npm (node package manager):
nvm install node npm

You are no ready to install node package zwave-js/server.

installing :

npm i @zwave-js/server

For already initialized zwave sticks: create a config file with at least your existing security key in it, if you have one:

module.exports = {
  securityKeys: {
      S0_Legacy: Buffer.from("4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyD", "hex")

Start up the binary (provide the correct serial device for your z-wave stick, in the below example ttyAMA0) and check the logs for errors.

Set up a systemd unit file if needed for auto-startup:


ExecStart=/home/zwavejs/zwave-js-server/node_modules/.bin/zwave-server /dev/ttyAMA0 --config /home/zwavejs/zwavejs-config.js


You can now enable and start the zwavejs-server service and continue with


Occasionally an upgrade may be needed, home assistant will show you during startup and you will see in the dashboard that the zwave-js integration is incompatible with the installed zwave-js server version. You should upgrade. Switch to the user running zwave-js, then:

root@raspberrypi:/home/zwavejs/zwave-js-server# npm outdated

Package                            Current    Wanted   Latest  Location                                       Depended by
@types/node                       16.11.10  16.11.26  17.0.21  node_modules/@types/node                       zwave-js-server
@types/ws                            8.2.0     8.5.1    8.5.1  node_modules/@types/ws                         zwave-js-server
@types/yargs                        17.0.7    17.0.8   17.0.8  node_modules/@types/yargs                      zwave-js-server
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin    4.33.0    4.33.0   5.12.1  node_modules/@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin  zwave-js-server
@typescript-eslint/parser           4.33.0    4.33.0   5.12.1  node_modules/@typescript-eslint/parser         zwave-js-server
@zwave-js/server                    1.13.0    1.15.0   1.15.0  node_modules/@zwave-js/server                  zwave-js-server
eslint                              7.32.0    7.32.0   8.10.0  node_modules/eslint                            zwave-js-server
eslint-config-prettier               8.3.0     8.4.0    8.4.0  node_modules/eslint-config-prettier            zwave-js-server
husky                                4.3.8     4.3.8    7.0.4  node_modules/husky                             zwave-js-server
lint-staged                         12.1.2    12.3.4   12.3.4  node_modules/lint-staged                       zwave-js-server
prettier                             2.5.0     2.5.1    2.5.1  node_modules/prettier                          zwave-js-server
ts-node                             10.4.0    10.5.0   10.5.0  node_modules/ts-node                           zwave-js-server
typescript                           4.5.2     4.5.5    4.5.5  node_modules/typescript                        zwave-js-server
ws                                   8.3.0     8.5.0    8.5.0  node_modules/ws                                zwave-js-server
npm notice
npm notice New minor version of npm available! 8.2.0 -> 8.5.2
npm notice Changelog:
npm notice Run npm install -g [email protected] to update!
npm notice

root@raspberrypi:/home/zwavejs/zwave-js-server# npm update @zwave-js/server

added 10 packages, removed 1 package, changed 37 packages, and audited 399 packages in 2m

83 packages are looking for funding
  run `npm fund` for details

found 0 vulnerabilities

Notes & caveats

  • copy your zwave key ! (it will also be shown through the migration wizard)
  • in my case, all my devices were migrated but not all entities. I just recreated the missing entities later through the GUI. (mostly this meant recreating some graphs or other widgets).
  • if you keep a backup of your homeassistant config folder/database, you can always revert.


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