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Feb 8th, 2002

Whoa man…has it been 2 years now…:)

I’ve come to realize that, due to the natural evolution of software, this site must have become pretty useless to people by now ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

Anyhow, the old emulation section has been killed…Better upload a new logo :)…or wait, still have an old one lying about..there.

Other stuff that died¬†right now: the editorial (nothing new there the past 3 years), the boards (same thing and time to move on to something like¬†postnuke¬†anyway), the linux apps section (3 or 4-year old apps do not really live up to today’s expectations…), about us and comments page (who cares…), the linux webring links (have long since lost track of webring) and to finish it off I just removed a lot of old stuff which was not even linked to anymore…And, of course, I lost the lemi-bookstore. (if you’re enjoying reading you *must* be bored…)

Hey, this is not half bad…I might just inject some new life in this site some time later…:)

Oct 7th, 2000

*Massive* no-updates time ūüôā

Anyway, time to start re-doing this thing. I now realize that as long as you have the time to play around with things, it’s nice to play around with banner scripts and all, but if you don’t and it serves no actual purpose, well, the leminator banner rotation program got a well-deserved kill signal from me. Forums will go too, if you want to discuss _things_ you’ll be better off visiting sites such as¬†slashdot¬†and the likes…

So what’s the new grand plan? Simple…

  • move all the old stuff to a kind of ‘beginner’s section’
  • start work on the serious stuff and get links to all this moved to the front page
  • Kill off the emulation sections once and for all.
  • Get the¬†Lemi-consult¬†site off the ground. (yes, you can hire our staff as consultants for all your networking needs. Service is good, and prices are reasonable considering what you’re getting. Mail¬†trottfor more info.)

This site should eventually turn out to be a source of information for those among you who’re thinking about setting up your own (be it corporate or home play-things) internet/intranet (or whatever the buzzword might be right now) solution based on Linux servers.

November 16th, 1999

Once again, long time no see…But then again, I’m a technical guy and not an HTML guru…Some structural changes will be, and are happening though:

  • Implemented a new¬†links page¬†based on¬†Gossamer threads’¬†well-known Links script. Be patient as we convert to this system. Everything looks pretty much default for now…Customization will occur when I find the time, but all the functionality is there. And, of course, you can still add your own links…
  • I’m thinking of a¬†slashdot-like¬†news system…
  • A site-navigation tool would be handy…So expect frames…(yeah, I know, but you’ve got to admit they’re handy on occasion…)
  • Griff’s doing something with adult stuff…I don’t know the url by heart but you can always¬†mail him¬†if you’re feeling particularly naughty…
  • The¬†Lemi-Consult¬†website seems to be suffering from an identity-crisis…Still not much there (yet), but if you urgently require our services regarding Linux, Novell or NT networking you can alwayse-mail me¬†or¬†Griff
  • It really is time to change the site layout…I went a bit crazy on the features…
  • I fired up some emulators lately and noticed that most of my quality-links are either dead or outdated…I absolutely don’t have time to continue the emulator section. If you’re interested in writing some HTML for me,¬†let me know!
  • All of the leminator’s staff now has an e-mail address in the leminator.org domain…High time to start updating those mailto: links here…
  • Saldek¬†has begun on a new project (though nobody’s really sure what he’s trying to do:)) on¬†tarpit.leminator.org…Doesn’t the site remind you of a (by now) really, really, really old cult game?
  • The intranet we’ve helped build up for BLD Europe is nearing completion…Though their website is hosted externally (the rest is all handled by the intranet, including 2 webservers for internal use) you can visit it at¬†http://www.bldeurope.com

So, I know what to do…And you? Start exploring the site…

May 27th, 1999

Did lots of stuff…just not much here¬†:). Anyway, I changed the forum system to anyboard…Forums¬†are back up, though a bit empty for the moment…Start writing!

April 11th, 1999

And as of now the¬†Leminator’s banner network¬†is back up and running…So, all of you who’re running a linux-related site and would like to participate in our linux-specific banner-exchange program,absolutely free, just go and add your banner…And please, if you add a banner and want a quick follow-up, also¬†send me an e-mail…Now for those discussion boards…

April 10th, 1999

Okay…So it took us this long to find a new location for the site…(Actually it’s already been up for about a week now). Anyway, thanks to the kind folks at¬†Communitech¬†we’re now able to once again provide you with the same quality-service as before. Things I still need to do:

  • Fix most of our cgi scripts: the banner network is currently¬†not¬†working, the guestbook¬†may¬†work, the same goes for the ability to add your website to our links page…
  • Re-design the structure of the site…I mean, really, I started out with about 10 html pages and now there are about 70 all scattered in the same directory. Add to that the fact that we’re now heavily into using interactive cgi scripting for a lot of things and you know what I mean.
  • Continue the networking section!!!
  • This page is now no-longer html4.0 compliant according to the¬†w3c‘s strict norm… As soon as I change to some new scripts this will be fixed. You shouldn’t notice any difference tho…

Furthermore, I’m pleased to say that¬†Griff¬†and¬†me¬†are now providing linux-based services. We have a quite nice, tried-and-tested system consisting of one or more Linux servers providing services to your windows, macos or whatever-based network. So, if you’re living in Belgium (well, we’re not going to fly over to whatever part of the world you may happen to live in¬†:)¬†) and need to connect your network to the internet, are wondering what the advantages of your very own intranet might be or are just looking for somebody to design your web site, don’t hesitate to¬†contact us

February 20th, 1999

As some of our more loyal readers may have noticed, we’ve been unavailable for 2 days. The problem? Easy…We’re using dynamic dns, and for some reason our ip address either got blocked by our ISP, or there was some error in the system. Thanks to the folks at¬†TZO¬†this has been sorted out…so get cracking!

February 15th, 1999

Yet more changes to the networking section…You’ll all be pleased to know that we’re soon starting up our own banner exchange service…Free, no strings attached, and 2 rings: strictly Linux and Emulation. So there…

January 14th, 1999

The¬†networking section¬†is slowly but surely being completely rewritten…Go see it and tell me what you think…

January 11th, 1999

Not enough to warrant an update to the news normally, but as of today linuxberg.com is online. Well known from¬†Tucows¬†fame, these guys actually managed to do (and why not) the same for Linux…So, for all your application needs, go see¬†www.linuxberg.com.

January 9th, 1999

Started work on the¬†networking¬†section…Not much there yet, but work is progressing nicely…The section about how to connect to your isp is pending a re-write, and will be completely integrated into the ‘networking’ section.¬†
The Leminator is also an associate of¬†amazon.com¬†as of now…Not that it is my intention to make huge sums of money off of your backs, but they _do_ have some interesting titles which will be linked into the sidebar of the relevant section. Keep in mind that all software you need _can_ be downloaded for free too!

January 7th, 1999

The¬†discussion fora¬†are back on-line…Go visit them for some mayhem!

January 6th, 1999

I missed the opportunity, but here goes:

A very happy new year to y’all!

The Leminator is now, as you may have noticed, hosted on our very own web-server…This machine is connected to a cable-modem at¬†Griff’s¬†place. So, you guessed it, don’t bookmark any of these pages, as always keep your bookmarks at¬†our click-thru page.¬†
This will result in lots of scripts to make the whole thing more attractive and a way for me and Griff to put a Linux server through some serious stress-testing:). We’re currently still upgrading most of the cgi to be hosted on our server, so you may find some occasional broken links back to our site from the remotely hosted stuff such as the discussion forum and the guestbook.¬†
And, of course, some updates! I adapted the menu of the Linux pages a bit…you _should_ be able to find what you’re looking for now…And of course, expect the complete how-to, walk-through, whatever…on how we did it!
Oh yes, there’s an updated editorial on¬†what Linux has become¬†too…

December 18th, 1998

Sooo. What’s new? Nothing good, actually. I submitted the Leminator to the¬†Linux Webring, and when they come to take a look at the site, Lowrent.org is down. For those of you that did manage to get through, until problems are sorted out there I’m planning on a move. Whereto remains to be seen.
I _am_ planning to add a feature sure to stir up some hot arguments: How do I install a pc with windows, and make sure that the only Microsoftware on it is actually the OS itself? Yup, you’re right, no more WordPad !¬†
Tune in later, same bat-time, same bat-channel!!!

November 29th, 1998

The frustration of the last entry seems to have passed…:)¬†And now you can access several interesting gadgets from our¬†main page.¬†
Among them are a site searching engine (should come in handy), the guestbook, a possibility to add links to¬†your¬†pages and the _beginnings_ of our talkback area. I’m really feeling sorry the talkback isn’t online yet, since a lot of ugly things seem to be happening to the web as a whole, with the aquisition of netscape by AOL.

November 23d, 1998

Okay…This is what you get when you’re depending on others…It seems the server at¬†freeguestbooks¬†is down…So, whenever this happens, obviously:

  1. No guestbook
  2. No way to add _your_ links

Kind of makes me rethink the talkback forum I’m planning…¬†

November 8th, 1998

Added some more applications to our¬†Linux applications page. Griff also pointed out to me that the new counter I had looked good, but was still too big…Fortunately, the great guys at¬†Lowrent.org¬†have provided us with our own, small counter…The results you’ve probably seen at our main page. The 2 counters will be displayed together there (ugly though it may look) until they’re somewhat synchronized.
You can now also add your own links to our¬†links¬†page, and on our¬†main page¬†we’ve now got a guestbook for you to sign/view.
Future things to look out for here: an editorial with discussion forums, some quick polls and of course more of what we’ve already got!

October 29th, 1998

Okay…I admit it…The brand-new (excuses excuses:))¬†Linux applications¬†section had a bug: none of the links in the sidebar worked…Fixed…
I also removed the empty table on the bottom I keep for reference…

October 28th, 1998

As our frequent visitors may have noticed, the move to¬†Lowrent.org¬†has been almost completed…I spent the remainder of the day ironing out HTML errors so we’re up to par again against w3’s¬†validator. I furthermore managed to reduce the size of the HTML documents some more, so pages should now be loading faster than ever before…

October 27th, 1998

Streamlined some code…and as you’re reading this, the pages should be moved to their new home at¬†Lowrent. As I have already said previously, keep your bookmarks and links pointed at the main page at¬†DMA, since this is the only location I can be reasonably sure of it’ll still be there in a year’s time…Anyway, work has (finally, I know) started on the¬†Linux applications¬†section. Not much there yet, but I think you’ll like what you see.

October 24th, 1998

‘Work expands to fill the amount of time available’…How true. Anyway, I’ve re-designed the¬†links¬†section a bit so that it’ll be a bit easier to find what you’re looking for, including a rating of sites. (For the moment only for the Linux links however). Keep in mind that this rating reflects both ‘how useful is this site’ and ‘should I visit it frequently’.

The section on installing you printer under Linux has, as a consequence of ‘good site design’, been moved to our section on¬†Linux basic procedures.Our Survey page has also, for the time being, been taken offline.Finally, it has been brought to my attention that the webcounter I’m using just takes too long to load…Besides, there’s this ugly big banner advertising all sorts of things. I’m currently looking into using a new one, which is HTML 4-compliant. It has been put online, and seems to dramatically improve the page’s loading time.

Once again, the Leminator is about to be moved to a new home, due to bandwidth/space reasons. The main page will remain at this location however, and it will stay that way. Point your bookmarks there or you’ll lose us at some time in the not-too-distant future!

Work will soon be started on the (already a long time ago, I know¬†:)) Linux applications section.I’m also thinking about adding an editorial section…Just to vent my frustrations to the world (double¬†:)).

On a slightly less happier note: I find myself with absolutely no time to put some work in all our emulators pages…If you’re interested in taking them over, send mail to¬†Trott. If no solution is found soon, they will be dropped altogether, which would make me unhappy, but as the situation is now, they’re just bits of ‘dead’ information which take up place. Following up on even _one_ emulator takes a lot of time. On top of that, some top emulation sites have mysteriously vanished, and we’re back a few versions on most emulators.

Finally, as a sidenote, it seems¬†Griff¬†has left us. He’s now pursuing his life-long quest: ‘The search for More Money’. Go and visit his efforts at¬†getrich.Warning for the fanatics among you: his pages are not completely in the _leminator-spirit_ :).

August 27th, 1998

David Gilbert¬†has written an Archimedes emulator for Linux. For those of you who haven’t been around that long, the Archimedes was a machine which was pretty amazing in its days. (Virus anyone ?:)) Unfortunately, both its price and lack of software cut down sales a bit…But you can check it out anyway now at:¬†ftp.compsoc.ac.uk/pub/arcem/.

Work is continuing on our¬†linux upgrades¬†page, which is now describing how to move to glibc! Check it out…

August 19th, 1998

Howdy folks! Long time no see! 
Well, 2 months without any updates to these pages…As always, we’ll try to make it up to you. What’s new?

  • A section on¬†upgrading your linux system¬†has been added
  • Some minor changes were made to the layout of the¬†main linux page
  • Griff and me are working on re-designing the site’s layout from scratch. Expect these site maps and site search engines soon!

I also noticed (finally :)) that there was a bug in the link to the linux section at the top of this page. Consider it fixed!

Finally, those of you who haven’t noticed yet may be interested to know that the¬†KDE¬†window manager is coming around rather nicely and that the 1.0 version has been released.

June 15th, 1998

The Linux Connecting to your ISP section has been split up to accomodate ISDN. Some bugs about the explanation of PAP logins has also been removed, and ISDN logon scripts have been put online. 
How’s that for service???¬†
Meanwhile, I’m still looking for staff writers. In case you’re interested (no html knowledge required), you can¬†mail Trott. What I’m currently working on is a section along the lines of:

What are some of the things I can do when I’ve installed my Linux distribution

Needless to say, a lot! We’ll go over the installation of tcl/tk, upgrading your libc, upgrading your system utilities, maybe even choosing a few applications!

June 8th, 1998

After 2 weeks, I finally managed to connect with Linux to my ISP using ISDN. Of course, I put full instructions online!

May 24th, 1998

After fiddling around with ISDN a bit (5 minutes under Windows, already 1 whole week under Linux¬†:)) I have come to the conclusion that not all ISP’s allow text logins, but some might require pap or chap. I have updated the¬†Connecting to your ISP¬†section accordingly.¬†
Further, the Leminator’s layout seems to have _still_ some bugs left in it: all subsections should\ now show both the left menu part and the right text part of our pages with the correct sizes.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the enormous amount of people who have volunteered to become our staff writers… … and bla bla bla. Thing is, exactly 0 (yup, that’s right, ZERO) responses have come in. What are you waiting for, guys and gals? Grab your chance for fame! The only things you need to be able to do are knowing what you’re talking about (up to a certain level¬†:)) and being able to operate a text editor! So¬†start submitting!

May 7th, 1998

Welllll, you all saw it coming…And yes, work is heavily under way to make the Leminator completely HTML standards compliant. (for more information, visit¬†the WWW consortium. So, over the next few days you should start seeing those

Valid HTML 4.0!

pictures come up! Click’em to check! To meet the ‘html 4.0 transitional’ requirements, I also had to put up Yet_Another_Counter on the main page.¬†
Currently finished is our main page, the General news section and the downloads page.May 4th, 1998

‘left’. What could it possibly mean…To be frank, I included this site in our¬†links section¬†because it also linked us…Now, it seems to be the case that this was actually just the ‘left’ frame of the¬†XT-power¬†site¬†:)¬†As always, this has been corrected. Thank Griff for pointing that out to me y’all!

Anyway, it appears that the w3 consortium’s html-validator¬†doesn’t¬†validate the Leminator as being ‘official, clean’ html code. Since I’m one of those ‘netiquette, conforming to standards, no-spam, don’t abuse the internet’ guys, this will be one of my top priorities for now…

May 2nd, 1998

You’ll all be pleased to know that we’re working on putting some files online. Expect those disk images and other files soon! You can already get the Amiga Fellow and WinUAE emulators and our C-64 assembleer package.¬†Go take a look...

Work is also continuing on our links page.

May 1st, 1998

Amiga enthousiasts, rejoice! For Griff is now back in the picture. He’s working on a complete Amiga Dos and Workbench manual.¬†Check it out now!

Console Delite has been officially discontinued as of now.

April 28th, 1998

As said before, and you might have noticed, the counter service on this service is not what it should be…I’ve registered with¬†countmaster¬†for another one. We’ll test-drive it for a few days and see where it gets us…

Work is also on the way on¬†a separate links page…Tho you won’t find much there yet…

April 27th, 1998

I wonder…why my web statistics show 160+ hits during the first 6 hours today, and the counter on¬†our main page¬†only registers 90 visits for the entire week¬†:):). BTW, the Leminator is having the privilege of being listed on the¬†Linux Doc Project! I also finally realised that having a ‘blue ribbon – free speech online‘ flashy gif on your main page is really great, but if you forget to put up the link…This has been corrected! Also, our¬†Leminator Survey¬†page is now functional again!

Anyway, further work on UAE and Fellow help has (for the moment) been finished.

April 26th, 1998

Okay, okay, okay…I know…Apart from some visual changes, the Leminator hasn’t been updated that often lately…What can I say, except maybe: “I do have a life!”¬†:)

Anyway, all you¬†Amiga emulation¬†guys will be pleased to know I’m putting in an ‘easy-guide-to-UAE-and-Fellow’, just for _your_ enjoyment!¬†Go check it out!

Further plans are to (finally!!!) make a links page that is separated from all the other contents are, but in which you can find all the links grouped by topic…

April 21st, 1998

Once again, the Leminator has to change its URL. We can now be reached at:¬†http://bewoner.dma.be/trott/leminator.shtml.Beware, since as of tomorrow all previous locations will be replaced with placeholders, and won’t be reachable any more in the (very) near future!

Before any of you mail in, I _do_ know that the counter isn’t working yet. The same goes for the form to send in your comments, so use normal¬†e-mail¬†for that for the mo… Bear with us during this transition period, please…

April 15th, 1998

In the Linux section, a typo has been pointed out to me. The command to change your password is, of course, ‘passwd’ instead of ‘password’. This has been corrected…

April 2nd, 1998

The entire amount of images used on the Leminator has now been adjusted for optimal file sizes. You should find that the site loads *much* faster now…

Some important news: Griff has discontinued his Console Delite section. He’s feverishly working on a new project, which will integrate better within the Leminator…

Amiga fans, rejoice, for Lazarus, the top Amiga site, is (once again :)) back online!

March 30th, 1998
After fiddling around with the good ol’ Linux box, I now finally find some time left to do some updating. Work is currently in progress, due to the demand for the complete elimination of <frames>, on a re-write of the HTML code. So bear with me if there are still some bugs in the code left…Console Delite will for now open in a separate window when selected, since I haven’t had time to discuss the HTML code changes with Griff yet…

Yet another typo surfaces: Mame is, of course, not short for ‘Multiple Machine Arcade Emulator’, but for … Hey, you get the idea¬†:).

Besides all that, the link for¬†Zophar’s domain¬†in the¬†arcade section¬†has been updated!
March 16th, 1998

Yes, okay, I know…I truly AM sorry for the lack of updates this week, but I’m totally reconfiguring my Linux box…Expect more updates around the end of this week.

March 9th, 1998

Added what could in some ways be considered the ‘finishing touch’ to the Linux section. (Okay, so a lot still needs to be done). Still, this is a web site covering 2 things: Linux _and_ emulators. And my attention will go to the emulators for the next week or so. The Linux section is now fairly usable and the emulator section is a bit behind. So, to all Linuxers I say: till next week!

March 8th, 1998

Console Delite has received a significant update to its Genesis section.

March 6th, 1998

Still more updates to the Linux section. Work is on the way on X and Connecting to your ISP.

I still need to add a lot of links:the Xfree86 project, enlightenment, motif, lesstif and the osf to name but a few. Not to mention some links to the most important howtos! And for all you emulator fans out there, I have been neglecting this part of the Leminator for a few days, but bear with me…We’ll make it up to you next week!

As a plus point, Console Delite is now slowly but surely getting operational…Check it out!
March 5th, 1998

‘What are those developers doing, if they’re not developing?”, you may ask yourself. Shame on you! UAE version 0.7.0 b2 has been released! What are you waiting for?¬†Click here¬†to find out!

The Linux section¬†has been re-designed an updated. I’ll still need to add a link to the Linux kernel 2.0 upgrade center and the Big Mama patch archive. Work is also on the way on a section describing¬†how to connect to your internet service provider.

Griff seems to have given up his search for ‘the perfect Java navigational applet’ as he informed me yesterday evening he’ll use conventional HTML on¬†Console Delite.

As we slowly but surely getting near to our final ‘look and feel’ I would appreciate any¬†comments¬†on our HTML layout.

March 4th, 1998

Spent some time today making sure all external links don’t come up in a frame but rather in the entire browser window.

Planned: expanding the Linux section, splitting it up into pieces and separating and expanding the X section. To add: PPP support.

March 3d, 1998

It seems i’ve still got a week or 2 to go before I can devote myself completely to the writing of some navigational java applets, so I’ve installed a java menu I found on the Net somewhere…It looks flashy, does its job and gives me more space. Of course, people with a non-Java browser can still use the old system!

March 2nd, 1998

As you can see, I’ve added a handy table above which will make it virtually impossible for you to miss an update to one of your favourite sections¬†:)

It seems the navigational applet griff used on his ‘console delite’ section needs to be registered in order to function at all. Sooooo……..
February 28, 1998

Soooo…What’ve we been up to? First of all, a complete re-write of all html code is in the make, with most changes in the navigational system.

Second of all, though still incomplete, you can preview Griff’s work on his console section,¬†Console Delite. Be warned though: still under heavy construction, and make sure your browser supports Java…

As a side note, we’re now at over a thousend hits¬†:)
February 26, 1998

Total computer crash! Yup, it happened (again)…Expect no updates till after the week-end :(((

February 24, 1998

Welllll…It seems (as i expected¬†:)¬†) that the overwhelming majority of our visitors are die-hard Linux users, with win95 following closely.

I’ve added a page with _your_ comments on this site…Go see it!. I also added a textbox to our¬†survey¬†in case you want to write an article for us.(You can, of course, also do this without filling out the survey all over again by just¬†e-mailing me)

Lazarus is in the process of solving its bandwith problems. You could do their staff a huge favor by visiting their site and filling out their questionnaire. (yes, you can reach the site again)

We are now a member of the¬†Superstats¬†service. Not much other options if you haven’t got access to your http server’s log files…

Expect (as always :) ) big changes, cause Griff has nearly got his console section ready!

February 22, 1998

Sunday, 22.03 pm…You guessed it: not much time to to things today…Still:

  • Griff is adding the finishing touches to his complete re-write of the console section.
  • We reached 487 hits today.
  • As always, expect _big_ changes !

Some of our visitor’s comments (except: great site!!¬†:)¬†) were to remove the penguin background in the Linux section. This will be done soon, if not now. And it has been suggested to add things like Windows and Mac emulators to the site. This is actually a good suggestion, we’ll certainly look into it!

I’ll also have to add a page with links to sponsors and contributors’ sites, and finally I will urgently need to put up one links page instead of 5 or 6 small ones…
February 21th, 1998

Added links, links, links…

February 20th, 1998

Okay…So the link to¬†Archaic Ruins¬†didn’t work…How come? The ones amongst you who are following the emulation scene closely will know that parodius’s server, home to many a great site, has been having troubles for quite a while now…The link has hereby been altered to point to another location. Try it!

The arcade & console section has received an update, including links to rom sites.

The Leminator is up to 178 hits! keep it coming yall…and don’t forget to¬†take our user survey!

February 19th, 1998

It has been pointed out to me that the C64 section contained the following: ‘2 of the most popular emulators are:’, followed by 3 emulators¬†:). This has been corrected: I replaced the 2 with the more generic ‘some’¬†:)¬†:)

Great plans ahead for the Leminator: after careful consideration between me and Griff, we decided to let me handle the general html code for the site together with the Linux, Amiga and C64 sections, while he keeps himself occupied with the console and arcade emulation bit.

I will also (ASAP) add a user survey in which we will try to find out more about you, ‘the user’. Full anonymity is, of course, guaranteed if you so desire.

February 17th, 1998

The links below, and more, have as per now been added to the Linux section. Also added some C64 screenshots.

Also added to the C64 section: a handy assembly programming package and docs to the turbo assembler.

BTW, the Leminator received its first few hits today…Hope to see yall back here soon!

February 16th, 1998

Added a link to the K Desktop Interface to the¬†Linux section.¬†It would seem this section still needs some work¬†:). Some links to GNU, Slackware and Red Hat would be nice. Since this section will still grow quite a bit, I’ll have to start splitting the content into several pages instead of one long one.

February 15th, 1998

Spent 2 hours with Griff cruising the web, looking for some bullets and separators. :)

February 12th, 1998

Added a link to¬†‘PC Joystick Interface Circuits’¬†to the console section.

February 10th, 1998

As I delve ever deeper into the mysteries of JAVA, I find little time to update this site. I did notice, however, that the link to the Amiga emulator UAE was not pointing to the correct location. This is hereby fixed, and I vow to sort my bookmarks pretty soon now :).

I also added a link to upgrade Netscape Communicator for various platforms to support the Java Development Kit 1.1 API’s on¬†the introduction page. Get it, you’ll need it for a lot of websites…

February 6th, 1998

It’s week-end! Added more links to the Linux section and some to the emulator-Amiga section. As you can see, the changes (this page¬†:)¬†) are now listed last changes first.

February 5th, 1998

The above problems have, as per now, been addressed. I have also added some links to the console section (which has been renamed to console/arcade) and in doing so, some things dawned on me:

  • First and foremost, the console and arcade emulator section still need a lot of work.
  • Secondly, it seems my first analysis of the structure of this website was too simplified…It will be virtually impossible (due to the nature of a lot of links) to keep all my links on different pages.

The next few days my efforts will be concentrated on the¬†Linux section¬†though, since it’s layout has not yet been updated to the one that was started in the emulators section.

Also, it’d be nice if I could finally find some time to introduce some JAVA, and, while typing this, I realize that a ‘news’ section’d better be organized listing the¬†last¬†changes¬†first¬†:))

During my travels on the web, I managed to come across an interesting java applet which checks pages for their status, and automatically displays a ‘new’ icon next to them should they have changed. I think I’d better implement something along those lines…

February 4th, 1998

Added a whole lot of links in the¬†emulators – c64¬†section. I really should add the link to the ‘catweasel’ card in the Amiga section. And, in the process, a link for DirectX would be nice too¬†:).

February 3d, 1998

First attempt at a Leminator logo. The default startup page is now combined with the ‘introduction’ link. Changed layout of this (site news) page. Time to start introducing some colourful separators and bullets…

Changed the way the site’s navigated: I thought you’d all appreciate it if I went a little easier on the frames¬†:). Instead of using 4 frames, you can now do with 3.

January 28th, 1998

Added a new counter and some small graphics improvements.

January 26-27, 1998:

5 minutes work to install an icq web-pager panel on the¬†authors¬†page, 2 days work to manage to upload the bl**dy graphics…The solution? I had to convert all gifs to jpg’s…Why? I still don’t know…

Due to space restrictions, changed the location of the pages. Everything can now be accessed at the webspace our isp kindly provides for us.

January 25th, 1998

added some links, debugged some html, added some graphics.

January 23th, 1998

continued on amiga, added c64, linux and consoles. Java will soon be implemented! 

january 13th, 1998

Started work on the amiga emulators section.

january 8th, 1998

Preliminary setup of the Leminator

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