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Tag: Linux

moving ip addresses to another device without downtime: scenarios

  For the impatient: arpsend ! We all know the problem: you replace a firewall with another model, correctly configure everything and lose connectivity. After a few hours, things automagically start working again. You may also know the reason: the upstream router has an entry in its arp cache, incorrectly linking the ip address you’re […]

Ubuntu Linux under vmware: network interfaces

I’m quite busy with VMware these days. I actually believe VMware’s dogma “the virtual machine is more robust and qualitatively better than the physical machine” is correct. However, after installing two VM’s running Ubuntu Linux to do some failover testing, I noticed something odd about the numbering of the network interfaces. Good old eth0 was […]

The old Leminator Linux section

I originally wrote this website with the idea of posting some information about 2 topics: Linux and old computer emulation (this was back around 1998). You can find the content of the old site hereĀ (though I fear the information is not that relevant anymore). Only the Linux-related information is left.