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Tag: rant

I Want To Call You My Bitch

you my bitch I was listening to the radio today and hear this song…which seemed to consist of only 10 words…(and that’s making an effort since I’m counting the word ‘I’ and am counting “you’re” as 2 words…) Intrigued, I looked up the lyrics and for sure, there it was: Dave Mccullen – Bitch I just […]

CBC News: Kazaa mounts Betamax defence

It never ceases to amaze me how companies (well, companies) such as this seem to think they have a case. They don’t. It’s amazing these things even manage to get into court. I’m not saying that there’s no legitimate use for peer-to-peer services. (only the name, peer-to-peer…please…as if this is something new…Think back to the […]