Ubuntu Linux under vmware: network interfaces

I’m quite busy with VMware these days. I actually believe VMware’s dogma “the virtual machine is more robust and qualitatively better than the physical machine” is correct.

However, after installing two VM’s running Ubuntu Linux to do some failover testing, I noticed something odd about the numbering of the network interfaces. Good old eth0 was missing. Instead, there was an eth1 present…

Now I had this issue in the past, but always worked around it by just using eth1 instead of eth0. But maybe it would be better to find out about this and fix it “the right way”.

The problem is caused by the copying of the virtual machines. I have a VM template which I use as a base image. I then copy and customise this image when I need to implement new VM’s. The process goes like this: Continue reading “Ubuntu Linux under vmware: network interfaces”